Television advertisements must be stopped immediately, letter posted!.

T H E   T R U T H   I S  W O R T H  F I G H T I N G  F O R.





W I T H O U T   P R E J U D I C E
C F I C  G R O U P     D U N C A N    B C .

November 11/2018. To: The Honourable Minister of Heritage Canada.
Dear Minister Rodriguez:
On October 19, 2015, the citizens of Canada chose a new Government to represent their interests and not the interests of special corporate groups in our society. We mention the latter for a special reason, as small groups of Law-violating business people impose their will, in a very defined way, on an entire nation. The Canadian TV unit owner purchases the property for entertainment purposes but business people use this venue as a tool for self-enrichment. On July 18, 2018, you were sworn in as Minister of Heritage by our Prime Minister Trudeau to look after our interests which includes the Canadian media. In past conversations with the CRTC, which falls now under your jurisdiction, we have concluded that the CRTC does not hold our interests in mind. They are supporting the commercial interests of the media, in particular, the Canadian broadcasters. In a letter we received from the CRTC on August 25, 2015, the CRTC wrote that “Broadcasters sell ‘advertising time’ to earn revenue but with the unmistaken intention of using our privately owned properties (our TV units) for that purposes, and broadcasters are doing that without our permission. This is misappropriation and in Canadian law compares to theft.
Broadcasters and service providers are also guilty of obstruction of our property rights since we are unable to use our privately owned property all the time for the purpose we bought it for.  Broadcasters and service providers let others, for a hefty fee, take possession of our properties for promoting their businesses. No one else is allowed to rent out, take possession, or to make available someone’s property for the purpose of making money without the owner’s permission as Canadian law prohibits this. Referring to the Bill of Rights 1960 which protects a right to the enjoyment of property and the rights not to be deprived thereof.
Broadcasters also violate the Broadcasting Act, which clearly states that broadcasters are not allowed to alter or curtail programming, and this is something they do on an hourly basis. Broadcasters and service providers have, for many years, enriched themselves in an inadmissible way at the expense of the misguided TV viewer.  Service providers are guilty of deceptive marketing, they are selling programming but not informing their customers that their units are being made available to other customers for commercial purposes like advertising.  We, as subscribers, are left with not only the harassment of unwanted advertisements but also the added cost due to the increased price of the advertised products. This is an added financial expense to the consumer.
Now that we have informed you of this undeniable form of theft, we request that you stand up for the citizens of Canada who have given you their trust to protect not only their interests but also their rights as owners of their properties.  We also ask you not to protect the commercial interest of a small group of Law violating businessman. (namely broadcasters and service providers). We bought our TV units for entertainment purposes and not as a business tool for big companies involved in ‘misappropriation’.
Recently, one of our group members bought a new Samsung TV unit. He asked the seller if there were obligations attached to the use of the device. The seller stated the only obligation to the buyer is paying for the unit and it is yours to enjoy. Upon attempting to use his new TV unit the purchaser found he was obligated to answer some questions on screen in order to access programming. One of the questions asked required that the owner agree that his unit can be used for advertising. There was no other choice given. Failure to answer the question with “yes” prevents access to programming. This unlawful agreement indicates that broadcasters/service providers are clearly using this lack of choice or built-in agreement to mislead the public. Saying ‘yes’ to the question that has no other choice for response is clearly not a choice. Broadcasters/service providers are trying to legalize their unlawful practices.   Most Canadians hate commercials on their screens and many therefore no longer watch TV. In fact, these commercials are totally useless and have only a polarizing effect and of no benefit to the economy.  Canadian broadcasters/service providers who are misusing our properties are serving the greedy desire of companies that are trying to get a bigger part of the public sales at the costs of others. As TV viewers we have to witness this financial game that costs us not only money but creates harassment, domination, and abuse of power, as well as a violation of the Antitrust Law. From a business point of view, we understand their position. These people making money on an advertisement that is paid by viewers and written off as expenses by them. In other words, companies are advertising for free and making money on tax – write-offs (at the costs of taxpayers and potential government revenue). We ask you as our Minister to take action and give back the citizens of Canada their property rights. We also are confident that as our honest and well respected Minister of Heritage, you will take immediate action to do what the Canadian population expect from you, such as representing the citizens of Canada and put an end to the daily harassment we are forced to experience. As Minister, you have accepted the responsibility to respect and apply the Canadian laws for all Canadian citizen. We believe we have the right to demand that the Law will be applied and executed.
God bless you and all other Canadian ministers who hold honesty in high esteem.

Prime Minister J. Trudeau, Minister of Justice, Mr. M. Bernier, Mr. A.Macgregor, Toronto Stock Exchange TSX, Mr. D. Best, Rogers, Telus, Shaw, Bell, Canadian Press, National Post e.o, Our active members, All our members.


Duncan December 15/ 2018.
Dear Minister,
On November 15/2018 we send you a letter in which we requested that your Ministry take action against the Canadian broadcasters who are unlawfully using /renting out (without our permission) our privately owned properties for the purposes of financial profiting.
We have so far not received an acknowledgment letter from you or your Ministry stating that our complaint was unfounded. We also have noticed that at this date no action has been taken against these businesses which no TV viewer/ TV unit owner has any business connection with.
Our property rights must continue to be recognized and protected by this Government, however, it is NOT justified that our properties are being misused by companies your Ministry is responsible for. Allowing these law violators to continue with their practices not only undermines our rights but also of the rule of Law.
It is unacceptable that our representatives have opted for the side of the offenders and completely ignore our rights and freedoms from the people who have to give you our trust, but what we notice is that you and your Ministry are prioritizing the financial interest of these offenders.
If you, dear Minister not take immediate action against ( in our view ) the misuse of our privately owned properties, we are afraid that we must accept the embarrassing suspicion that our Minister, who is supposed to protect the interest of the Canadian citizens, in fact, the criminal practices of broadcasters defends and approves, an unacceptable situation.
We will take all steps available to us to protect our civil rights and control over our properties if your Ministry fails to do it.


A C T I O N C L E A N S C R E E N E X P L A I N E D.
When people watching TV programs, commercial advertising is broadcast in between those programs every 5 to 10 minutes. Why are these commercial ads there? Because of a deal between 2 parties, the advertiser and the broadcaster/service provider.
There was a day in the past those two parties came together to negotiate a deal with as center peace the TV units of Canadian citizens. One party want to use them for advertising, the other party for making money. However, both parties had a common problem, neither one of them was the TV unit owner. Despite knowing this ongoing deal was in violation of the Law, both parties ignored their responsibilities. Now they must face the consequences of their criminal practices.


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