Those in power enrich themselves with it. Inflation rate is a big misunderstanding, deliberate falsification of the facts.
Inflation is depreciation/fall in value. Every year inflation or deflation is calculated. Many products and other things changes in value, some become more expensive, but some cheaper. When more products and other things become more expensive and less cheaper, inflation occur. Inflation is expressed in percentages in recent years 2% but these numbers are fabricated and totally unjust.
To get a better understanding from the real facts, a simple example will make it very clear.
Let say the only thing last year became more expensive, gasoline. Every person has paid $ 500.- more than last year. Person 1 is making $ 10.000.- a year , his inflation rate is 5 %. Person 2 is making $ 50.000.- a year , his inflation rate is 1 %. Person 3 is making $ 100.000.- a year , his inflation rate is 1/2 %. As you see the inflation rate settings are totally misused, and is hurting the low incomes the most.
These misleading numbers set and used by Governments and Banks and in most cases by the industry , are contributing to the increase of poverty and the status of the wealthy.

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