The prosperity of the Canadian citizen is determined by our Government.
A million Canadian kids and half of the First Nation kids are living in poverty and so are their parents.
Canada is one of the richest countries in the world with the most billionaires and multi millionaires in terms of population.
We will publish the following articles in simple understandable wording why this government is failing our citizen.
We have reason to believe this Government is not representing the Canadian citizens but is acting like a corporate ditatorial cartel.
1/ Poverty, a systematically maintained event with no prospect of improvement. The costs and the consequences are enormous.
2/ Raising of interest rates , pure discrimination favouring the rich and hurting the poor.
3/ Saving for retirement and the role Government is playing in it.
4/ D F O, Department for Fisheries and Oceans, a billion dollars tax waste and where D F O really stand for; Defending Fishing Operations.
5/ Are we voting for a Government who are representing the citizen of Canada or, for maintaining a Government that represents corporate Canada.

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