( Broadcasters are making billions of dollars by using other people’s assets )

On November 26 / 2013 Rogers Communications and the N H L reached an agreement for a whopping 5.232 billion dollar deal for broadcasting all the NHL hockey games. This agreement was for the most part based on commercial advertising during these hockey games. In one season there are 2542 regular hockey games, approximately 150 preseason games and an additional 200 (more or less) playoff games. On every televised hockey game of 3 hours, viewers are facing between 70 to 80 commercial messages from different companies some more than once. Over an entire season, 200 thousand commercial ads are put on people’s TV screens. Companies who are buying TV time are paying thousands of dollars for their ads, which price depends on the length of the message. The amount of money Rogers is making surpasses many times the amount Rogers is paying the N H L. For Rogers, it is a real money maker! What the N H L  is doing with the money is unclear, all the hockey teams have their own income and expenses and even pay for their compulsory membership to the N H L organization. In this deal the N H L is the seller, Rogers Communications is the buyer. The N H L as sellers know very well why Rogers wants this deal (advertising) and the asking price is based on it. When commercial advertising was not involved, the price was way lower maybe 10 million dollars or less. It is clear, commercial advertising is at the heart of the big deal. Now we come to the point why is this huge deal a hidden crime, made in secrecy.? AS a TV viewer, do you have any connection related to this Roger/N H L agreement? We are certain the answer is NO. Now we are going back to the bargaining tables, on one side the NHL on the other side the Rogers negotiators talking about the games and commercial messages putting on TV screens. After they have agreed on the selling price, the “product” is ready to put on screens. But now they are facing a big problem because they don’t have any screen to use. The screens they want them to put on are OUR screens. Selling hockey games and secretly add the other product to it is against the Law called tied selling. Making deals based on the use of other peoples properties without permission from the owners of these properties (TV units ) is against the Law and compared to theft. Broadcasters like Rogers, have to ask permission to use peoples properties for articles they don’t sell, but they don’t do that because not any TV viewer wants to buy commercial advertising or will give permission to put ads on their screens. They just put it on our screens telling people the big lie, we need it for programming, their program, big profits. ( huge bonuses ) We at CFIC Group are committed ending this misuse of people properties and will do everything it takes to succeed in our efforts.

Please scroll down and read the letters we wrote to the Government.

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And how we are making media criminals rich.

To get a better understanding about Action Clean Screen we like to share a real story with you. A landlord who wanted to maintain his rental house was looking for the service of a painter to paint it inside and out. When he made a deal with someone to do the job the house just became vacant. When the painter started the job, a few hours later someone was knocking on the door. When he opened the door there was a couple who want to rent the house because there was a little sign in the window saying; house for rent. The painter told them, come in and have look. It will be painted and ready in 2 months. After they saw the entire house they told the painter they are very interested and wanted to make agreements. The painter told them, the rent was $ 1000.- and $ 500.- damage deposit to be paid after signing the documents who were ready to sign the next day. The couple agreed to sign and pay the next day. To make the story short, in one week he was able to rent out the place 12 more times and took off with the money. Not long after that he was arrested for theft and jailed for a long time.
End of story.
If you have requested the service from a service provider like Telus, Bell, Shaw or Rogers, you have given them access to your home for the service you have ordered. But long before they have obtained access to your home, they have already made agreements with other customers ( business owners ) to rent out YOUR privately owned TV units for advertising purposes. They kept the money from that ( theft ) like the painter did. Renting out other peoples assets (property) even without money involved is a serious crime, a criminal act. This ongoing theft is recently reported to the Government but it looks like the Minister involved is protecting these criminals which seriously undermines the Rule of Law.



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