Without Prejudice.
CFIC Group Duncan BC.
To; The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Heritage Canada.
Duncan January 31/2019.
Dear Minister Rodriguez,
In our two previous letters, we have asked you, not to admit commercial advertising on our TV units anymore. To date, you have not met our request and we have not received a reason for rejection. Commercial advertisement is totally focused on obtaining financial benefits but is harmful to people who are being forced to watch them on their screens. Those who place these ads have no respect for the rights and desires of people upon whom they impose their will. We have very good reasons for the request we have made. Advertisers have only money in mind. It is inhumane that we as TV unit owners are deprived of our freedom of choice, while the robbers are awarded tax deduction for their misappropriation. We request that our rights be recognized and protected by our representatives. The reasons for our request are as follows;
1/ The starting process for advertising is illegal. 2/ Abuse of power in the process. 3/ Harassment and harmful. 4/ Violating our property rights. 5/ Abuse of the intended purpose. 6/ Discriminatory. 7/ living off the avails of others.
Explanation of the above # mentioned.
1/ The intention of the advertiser is to place the advertisement on the devices of TV unit owners. The advertiser ignores the TV unit owner, instead, he contacts a company that has the opportunity to place the advertisement on the TV owners units. That company requests payment for placing that material on the TV owners devices yet has not obtained permission from the owners of these devices. Which means, that company is illegally selling the use of the units of the owners, called in legal terms, misappropriation, what is according to the Law comparable to theft.
2/ Advertisers are fully aware of the fact that they do not own the devices they want to use for their advertisement. By ignoring the legal rights from other people’s possessions, they are showing to be above the law and are looking down on the people they exploit for their illegal business enterprise.
3/ TV unit owners have the legal right to use their possessions for the purpose they bought it for, and the legal right not to be deprived of that purpose. While using their devices TV unit owners are constantly interrupted by companies who have illegally bought time from other sources which are causing these interruptions. This is a serious form of harassment, the destruction of pleasure. A financial harmful effect is, TV viewers are paying for these ads since the cost of advertising is added into the final purchase price of the advertised articles.
4/ Nobody has the legal right to use, to rent out or to make available other people’s possessions without permission of the rightful owners.
5/ Advertisers and broadcasters are guilty of abuse of the intended purpose of people’s TV devices. Nobody in the entire world has bought a TV unit set with the intention to allow it to be used as a commercial tool by companies involved in the advertising business. The TV devices are being illegally requisitioned for that purpose.
6/ Only financial powerful companies are able to afford TV advertising ( if it was legal ). This harms small businesses who are unable to carry these costs. Small companies are unable to increase their prices to cover the advertising costs thus putting them in a disadvantageous position. We have to witness the battle between big companies who are trying to get other companies customers and we are forced to listen to the arguments to get them.
7/ Broadcasters, service providers and advertisers are all living off the avails of TV unit owners who have to bear the oppression and abuse of power played out by this sinister business model.
This all, dear Minister, for the love of money from a handful people who have already too much and yet seem to never have enough.
You, dear Minister, have the responsibility for an honest media policy, while commercial advertising, as we have explained to you is not honest. It is oppressing an entire nation, it is harassing an entire nation, and the entire nation wants you to get rid of it. It doesn’t belong in our house. For many people, TV is the only source of entertainment. Think about the lonely, the sick, the elderly to name a few, who must suffer every 5 /10 minutes from interruptions because big money wants more! If you, dear Minister have still any sense of justice in mind, you will grant our request and take action to stop it.

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