Without Prejudice.
C F I C   G R O U P   D U N C A N   B C   C A N A D A.
To; Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.
Re/ Combat unauthorized use of our properties. (TV Units).
Duncan February 25/2019.
To whom it may concern,
We have received a letter from the Honorable Minister of Heritage in response to our letters sent to him. We are told by the Minister, the CRTC is responsible for the advertising policy. The CRTC has the mandate to protect the interests of the Canadian TV viewers but not de financial interests of elite businesses such as broadcasters. Yet, the CRTC has given these broadcasters privileges who are harmful to us, not only as viewers but as TV unit owners as well. We have bought our devices for entertainment purposes but not to be used as a tool for making money by others. The selling of our airtime by broadcasters to commercial companies for advertising is unacceptable for us. We have very grounded reasons for it, which you already hold in your possession. It’s time for action and we want it soon because it is very long overdue.
We D E M A N D immediately a ban on the sale of airtime to companies for TV advertising and a ban on putting commercial ads on OUR screens by broadcasters and service providers.
Description of product: The sale of the use of other people’s properties.                        Status; Illegal, a violating of Canadian Law.
Availability: None, this airtime has already been sold to TV subscribers. Taking it away from subscribers and sell it to advertisers is theft. Than broadcasters accept orders from advertisers to put it back on OUR screens. We, the subscriber is exactly doing what the advertiser want. We, the subscribers are doing exactly where the advertiser is paying for, but the money goes in the wrong direction. We, the watch slaves are getting nothing, we even have to pay these thieves for OUR effort resulting in double pay for the culprits. All possible with the support of the CRTC. What we want to point out to the commission is, If the ban is not put in place, the commission is co-responsible to the crimes committed by broadcasters and therefore become partners in this crime.
The ban has to be in effect by March 9/2019.

On March 9/2019, we are turning a black page over into history.

On March 9, we are no longer being forced to participate in the criminal activities of broadcasters/service providers and advertisers.

On March 9, we are again the sole owner of our house and TV sets.
Failing to protect the interest of TV owners will result in repaying of the funds by class action Lawsuit. These funds are obtained through the illegal use of people’s properties. We estimate the illegal sale of the use of our properties at 12.6 billion dollars. Our part will be used to fight poverty in Canada and eliminating food banks, a black spot in the image of the most beautiful country in the world. Our color should be pure gold but is overshadowed by greed and domination of elite companies like broadcasters. We will no longer be forced by broadcasters to work for them for free, or even have to pay them for our participation. We will now force them to find a way to do business the honest and right way by not using people’s houses, TV sets or themselves as a centerpiece of their advertising business. It is NOT our business. But when it comes to a confrontation, we want an explanation of why we are involved in their advertising business. We are outsiders but forced to be insiders. Abuse of power, a violation of the Antitrust Law.

Additional letter. Duncan February 26/2019.
To whom it may concern,
The CRTC has given broadcasters permission to sell airtime to advertisers. The CRTC is responsible for that decision. Advertisers are buying airtime for the following reasons, the temporary use of people’s TV units and the attention of people to see and listen to their message. Fact is, broadcasters are selling a product they cannot provide, we, the subscribers are providing that. They are receiving a huge amount of money for an article they don’t have. But that’s not all. After forcing subscribers to perform the order from advertisers, the subscribers are being forced to pay for their own performance, providing broadcasters with another extra income. Is the CRTC aware of their responsibility? We think is time for reconsideration. The CRTC has the obligation to treat everyone whom they represent in an equal manner. Placing an elite group of broadcasters in an advantaged (illegal) position of domination and business opportunities is a very serious form of discrimination where the CRTC will be held responsible. Commercial TV advertising is a deal between broadcasters/service providers and advertisers. The CRTC will have to provide a statement explaining why we have to accept the negative effects of that business agreement. (article of Canadian Law).

We have received a returning letter from the Minister of Heritage and we have responded with the following letter on February 28/2019.

Dear Minister,
We have received your letter of February 5 /2019 and are delighted to read that the Canadian Government is a strong proponent of choices for Canadian customers. We have in our letters to you, clearly outlined what our choice is. We want to be liberated from an unreal and unjust circumstance in which we found ourselves. We are the victims of a business deal between broadcasters and advertising companies. In that deal, both parties have agreed that we, as completely outsiders are in charge to execute the contents of that agreement between these two parties. We, as executors of this illegal deal are receiving a “bonus” for our participation, we have to pay for the work we have done. A worse form of exploitation is hardly imaginable. We understand that the CRTC, who is responsible for this policy, is doing the groundwork for you but when it comes to decision making, you dear Minister is in charge. We believe that you are not following the path the Minister of Justice took, but support the interest of the citizens of this beautiful country called Canada


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