C F I C G R O U P D U N C A N B C C A N A D A.

To: Consumers Association of Canada.
Re/TV advertising.
Duncan March 12/2019.
To whom it may concern,
We are a small group of Canadian citizens very concerned about the way we are being treated by the institution which regulates the television operators. After having written letters to the Minister involved, we have been referred to the Canadian Radio-Television Communications Commission. This Commission is refusing to give us answers to our questions and only tells us how the system works. But our concern is that the system is based on discrimination, theft, and corruption. The CRTC is an organization which is responsible for the interest of all Canadian citizens in all television aspects. But in the conversations we had with the CRTC, the interests of broadcasters are given more importance. That’s why we feel discriminated against because our interest as television viewing citizens should have priority. In a letter we have received from the CRTC we read: broadcasters sell air time to advertisers to earn extra income. But what broadcasters are actually selling is the use of OUR private TV units as a tool for business purposes. Advertising businesses are using our belongings without permission. They are then paying these broadcasters a big amount of money. We, as TV subscribers, are then in charge of fulfilling these advertising orders given to the broadcaster by the advertiser. But that’s not all, we must pay the service providers who then force us to watch these never- ending advertisements which interrupt our pre-paid viewing time. No wonder it is a billion dollar industry, getting paid twice from advertisers and television viewers alike. Meanwhile, television subscribers are being exploited for their precious viewing time. We asked the CRTC the following questions: Are broadcasters legally allowed to rent out OUR private owned properties (TV units) to over 300 companies?. But after repeatedly asking this question, still no answer. Television viewers have become watching slaves in their own house forced to watch what big money wants us to watch. The excuse given by broadcasters is, without the income of advertising they are unable to provide programming. However, we don’t believe this is truthful. These companies taking in billions of dollars in profit per year. Is it legal to reach its profit margin by criminally exploiting their television public? We are paying $ 70,- dollars for poor TV programs of a handful of channels. We have Apple TV for zero dollars without commercials and can get Netflix for $ 10.- a month, on the other hand for $ 70.- a month why is it not possible for these Canadian broadcasters to provide programming without commercial messages? Why are we being charged to be forced to watch advertising material every five minutes interrupting our viewing time? Broadcasters are exploiting television viewers and are living off the avails of these subscribers and we want to see the end of it. We count on the Consumers Associations to bring this crime to an end. One of our group members recently bought a new TV unit. After installing it for use, he had to answer a few questions. One of the questions was: Do you agree that this unit can be used for commercial advertising? Why this question IF advertising is LEGAL? Because it isn’t. We are hoping to hear from the association soon.

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