Without Prejudice.
C F I C G R O U P D U N C A N B C C A N A D A.
To; The Canadian Radio and Television Commission.
Re/ TV advertising.
To whom it may concern, Duncan June 1/2019.
We have received an e-mail from the CRTC regarding our letters from 27-28 February 2019. As expected we didn’t get an answer to our questions because the CRTC knows very well there is something wrong which is in violation of the Canadian Law. An honest answer will bring that huge amount of advertising money in jeopardy. However, the CRTC admits they regulate the minute’s broadcasters are allowed to broadcast commercial advertising. That means the CRTC is giving broadcasters permission to seize our private properties to be used for commercial purposes. The CRTC has no legal authority to allow broadcasters to use our private properties for any reason without our consent. We have the right of full authority over our properties, no one else. Let’s set the facts straight. We as TV unit owners are signing up with service providers for delivered programming. Commercial messages are not qualified as programs and also not offered for sale by broadcasters/service providers. A commercial message is a way to sell goods and not meant to be used by the owner of the TV unit for that purpose. We as owners have the right to use our TV units the way we want, not to be used by others for profit making. HERE IS A SUMMARY OF UNDENIABLE FACTS.
Broadcasters/service providers are delivering programming for a fee to customers. Every 12 minutes of every hour broadcasters/service providers stop delivering programming for customers and start servicing other customers (advertisers) . This means they are breaking the agreement with TV viewing customers by taking possession of their privately owned properties without their consent and then using them for their own benefits of advertising sales. To provide these services to advertisers for a hefty fee ( which goes to the broadcasters/service providers ), our equipment is being used and we, owners of that equipment are being forced to execute the sold agreement between broadcaster/service provider and advertiser or else turn off their device. If the CRTC consider that as an honest way of doing business, we as a large group of TV users are calling it the biggest theft in Canadian history and the CRTC is supporting this theft. The CRTC is setting up broadcasters and service providers to take advantage of us by giving them the green light to rob us not only from our money ( paid by advertisers to broadcasters and service providers for services we provide) but also from our legal right to use our belongings the way we want. If the CRTC after receiving this letter still refuse to take actions to change their policy regarding TV advertising, we will ask the Minister of Justice to take action. We will never give up until our rights are being recognized.


C F I C G R O U P D U N C A N B C C A N A D A.
To; The Honourable Minister of Heritage, Mr. Pablo Rodriguez.
Duncan June 10/2019.
Dear Minister,
We have followed your advice and contacted the CRTC. However, the commission refuses to answer our questions about our objections. It seems like the Minister and the CRTC commission don’t wish to understand our objections. TV advertisement is forced upon us without our consent. Let us explain the matter in a way a five- year- old might understand. What do TV advertisers want? They want to use our privately owned TV units to put their message on and, that TV unit owners will take the time to watch and listen to their messages. Nobody else in the world can deliver these advertisers whiches as we, the rightful TV unit owners, namely us. How is it possible broadcasters/service providers can sell something they don’t have and CANNOT deliver? Let us explain what happens next. We, as TV unit owners want to use our devices to use it for the reason we bought them for. We purchased our devices and the service to watch selected television programs, not to watch advertisements. We sign up at an entertainment service provider to broadcast the service we want. We receive that service when we turn on our device and start watching. However, after we start watching our desired program, the service provider stops delivering the program we are watching and start servicing the advertisers they have made a business agreement with. The service provider is using our building, our equipment and is forcing us to execute the deal the service provider has with the other customer, the TV advertiser. The TV advertisers are paying a huge amount of money for the services we are providing.
Broadcasters/service providers are, without our consent, taking advantage of our belongings and pocketing the proceeds from our efforts. A bigger form of exploitation and theft is hardly conceivable. Be aware dear Minister, this all happens under your policy for which you are responsible for. Hopefully, you have now a better understanding of our objections and you will act now accordingly. Theft and exploitation is a serious crime and must stop now. This Government expects from us, to be honest. Being dishonest to us is giving the wrong example and is unacceptable.

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