C F I C G R O U P D U N C A N B C C A N A D A.
To; The CRTC Commission. Duncan June 25/2019.
To whom it may concern,
On June 18/2019 we have received your e-mail. First of all, our concerns regarding TV ads is from the CFIC group not from the administrator alone. The CRTC wrote, our concerns are addressed, however, this is not true because none of our questions are being answered by the commission. For that reason closing the file is an abuse of power and not accepted by our group. On the positive side, the commission has not denied our concerns but is refusing to take the appropriated steps to end the criminal operations of broadcasters/service providers. We are just customers buying a certain product which has nothing to do with the broadcasting act the CRTC is referring too. That broadcasting act is not for us, but for the companies who are stealing from us, misusing us, exploiting us and harassing us on an hourly basis. They are able to exploit our television viewing time without our consent, because the CRTC has, without legal authority, giving them permission to perform these criminal actions. We have proven our concerns, the commission has not denied this, but has chosen to walk away from our concerns, clearly in favor of these criminal corporations. The reason is clear, there is nothing to be gained from us. But we will stand our ground. Your advice to contact broadcasters is misleading. They will tell us we must follow the “guidlines” of the CRTC. However, this means we are getting nowhere because the CRTC then moves de responsibility back to the broadcasters. As the commission mentions in their e-mail they will close our file. We are aware the CRTC is taking part in these criminal actions. To allow this unlawful and exploitative misappropriation to continue means the CRTC is complicit.

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