URGENT LAST LETTER TO THE CRTC Government Agency for the media.

C F I C  G R O U P  D U N C A N  B C  C A N A D A.                                                                               Re/ TV commercial advertising.                                                                                                        Duncan July 10/2019.
To; The “Canadian” Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission, who are supporting Law violating TV broadcasters.
The members of our group are demanding from the CRTC to take immediate action against fraudulent broadcasters to stop them from putting commercial advertisements on units of TV owners/subscribers.
Broadcasters are guilty of the following charges;
DISCRIMINATION. TV Broadcasters have 2 customers, TV subscribers, and advertisers. They are obligated to treat both parties the same way. However, advertisers are treated with huge benefits. On the other hand, TV subscribers, are being used for servicing these advertisers and are being treated in a way of suppression and humiliation.
EXPLOITATION. TV Subscribers are legally not required to participate in the business of advertising but are being forced by broadcasters to do so. Against their will, TV subscribers have to watch how their private properties are being used for profit-making by others and their TV sets are no longer providing enjoyment as was intended.
THEFT. TV subscribers are required to pre-pay for the service they are supposed to receive. But after using the service for a very short time, the broadcaster stops servicing the TV subscriber and start servicing the advertiser, stealing the pre-paid time from the TV subscriber for that purpose. During that advertising time, the TV subscriber cannot use his/her unit for the purpose they bought it for, but are being forced to execute the agreement between broadcaster and advertiser or to turn off their device. TV subscribers are also in charge of the electricity bill during the time broadcasters are using their units. Advertisers are paying big money to broadcasters for the service which we, TV unit owners, are providing, but the proceeds are absconded by the broadcasters.
SLAVERY. The existence of the commercial advertising business, a billion-dollar industry, is exclusively based on the forced participation of the TV subscriber. Without their participation, there is no business at all. The TV subscriber is employed without payment. They are the engines who keep the business running but the gas bill is never paid by these slave drivers.
The commission must order the broadcasters to put commercial advertising on a separated channel to give TV viewers a choice to watch them or not If not, the commission is also guilty of the four allegations mentioned above. If the commission keeps protecting and supporting the criminal operations of broadcasters, the commission is not a Canadian commission but a criminal commission, a real danger to our democracy.

CC; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Minister Pablo Rodriguez. Minister David Lammeti. Hon.Jody Wilson Raybould. Party leaders, Greens, etc. Canadian News Papers. Many other members/sympathizers.

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