Here are the PROVEN facts about television advertising.
1/ DISCRIMINATION. TV Broadcasters are dealing with two customers, TV subscribers, and TV advertisers. Broadcasters are obligated to treat both parties in an equal manner. However, TV advertisers are treated to receive huge benefits. On the other hand, TV subscribers are being used to serve the advertisers, who are taking possession of the TV subscribers TV units and stealing their pre-paid time to watch their advertisement. They are being treated by broadcasters in a way of suppression and humiliation.
2/ EXPLOITATION. TV Subscribers are legally NOT required to participate in the business of advertising but are being forced by broadcasters to do so. Against their will, TV subscribers have to watch how their private properties (TV units) are being used for profit-making by others and their TV sets are longer providing enjoyment as was intended.
3/ THEFT.                                                                                                                                                   TV Subscribers are required by broadcasters to pre-pay for the service they are supposed to receive. But after using the service for a very short time, the broadcaster stops servicing the TV subscriber and starts servicing the advertiser, stealing the pre-paid viewing time from the TV subscriber for that purpose. During that advertising time, TV subscribers cannot use their devices for the purposes they bought them for. They are being forced to execute the agreement between broadcaster and advertiser, witness it or, turn off their devices. Advertisers are paying big money for the services TV subscribers are providing, but the proceeds are absconded by the broadcasters.
4/ SLAVERY.                                                                                                                                              The existence of the commercial advertising business, a billion-dollar industry, is exclusively based on the FORCED participation of the TV subscriber. Without their participation, there is no advertising business at all. The TV subscriber is employed without payment. They are the real reason, the advertising business is making big profits, but the proceeds end up in the pockets of the slave drivers.
5/ MONEY LAUNDERING.                                                                                                                      The proceeds of this undeniable crime end up as regular profits, processed in the daily business of the broadcasters. But broadcasters get away with it with the help of the Government but not for long anymore.
We, at CFIC GROUP, have asked the Government agency, the CRTC, to comment on these allegations if they think they are unfounded. But NO reaction received.

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