C F I C G R O U P D U N C A N B C C A N A D A.
To: The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Re/ illegal TV Commercial advertising.
Duncan August 10/2019 Dear Prime Minister,
In your recent speech to British Columbians, you stated; BC got it! You are right dear PM, we finally got it after more than 50 years of being discriminated against, exploited, robbed and being used as slaves by the corporate TV media. We are customers of the media, yet TV broadcasters are treating us with oppression and humiliation. We wrote letters to the Minister of Heritage about the harassment and law violations of commercial advertising, but he has transferred his responsibility to the CRTC, the agency who handles television regulations. But this commission refuses to answer a few honest questions we have. After a second request, they have sent us an e-mail in which they told us, we have answered your concerns and are closing the file. However, not any question was being answered. The reason was clear, the commission knows, that the TV advertising industry is based on violations of Canadian Law. In a separated attached sheet we are explaining these violations. We are almost certain that you have been informed about this very serious matter by Minister Pablo Rodriguez. We have addressed our concerns we have against broadcasters to the CRTC and have asked the commission if these allegations are unfounded. But, again, the commission does not answer. Dear PM, now it is up to you to take responsibility for what the Minister of Heritage and the CRTC have done in this serious matter which we see not only as a failure but also as condoning criminality. This real scandal is asking for a speedy solution, which is now in your hands. In recent meetings with Canadians, you always call us my dear friends. Now you can show us what these words mean. Are you honest to us as the leader of Canadians or not, or mere the representative of corporate Canada? We are grateful this question will be answered in a matter suitable to the general Canadian population who are tired of exploitation by the TV broadcasting industry, rubber- stamped by the CRTC.

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